Water Wisteria in Aquarium: Characteristics & How To Grow

Water Wisteria (Hygrophila difformis)

In general, plants change their form as they grow. From a tiny seedling, they grow into their adult form (either a tree, vine or shrub). However, this is seldom observed in aquarium plants, especially that their enclosed living conditions restrict them from growing to their full potential. Well, not for the Water Wisteria. The fact … Read more

Dwarf Hairgrass Carpet Plant Care Guide

Dwarf Hairgrass

There are many reasons why we keep aquarium plants, like keeping our water chemistry balanced and increasing the aesthetic value of our aquarium. Another reason is that they can hide things or objects we don’t want to see, such as the substrate. After all, the substrate is lifeless, and our attention is focused mainly on … Read more

Water Lettuce in Aquarium: Benefits & Care

Water Lettuce

With wavy leaves arranged in circular rows of rosette similar to those of a lettuce vegetable, the natural floral beauty of a Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) is one of the reasons why it is popular among aquarists and landscapers around the world. But despite its global popularity, this floating aquarium plant has been classified as … Read more

Red Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea zenkeri) Care Guide

Red Tiger Lotus

When you go to a pet shop and look for aquarium plants, your color selection may be limited. The fact is, and in most cases, green-colored aquarium plants are your only choice. When you set them up in the tank, you may be initially satisfied with how their greenery improves the aesthetic beauty of your … Read more

Hornwort Care: Easy Keep as Floating & Bottom Plants


Are you looking for a highly resilient, fast-growing, and functional aquarium plant that adds aesthetic beauty to your aquarium? Then consider planting a hornwort. Consistently listed as one of the most commonly kept aquarium plants, Hornworts are so desired that they are kept and featured in cold-water tanks, warm-water tanks, and outdoor ponds.  But despite … Read more

Vallisneria Aquarium Plant: Benefit & Care


Well known for its ease of care, vallisneria plants are one of the most popular beginner friendly plants for a starting aquarist. In this article, we’ll be going over the plant in detail, such as its structure, how to properly plant and care for them, and troubleshooting any problems along the way. Vallisneria, regardless of … Read more

Amazon Sword Care: Planting, Maintenance & More

Amazon Sword

There are hundreds of choices for aquarium plants, and deciding which to use for your tank may be difficult. You have probably enlisted the help of search engines or asked some friends, and we are pretty sure Google or your buddy may have mentioned the Amazon Sword since it is one of the most popular … Read more

Java Fern: How to Plant and Care for

Java Fern

Java ferns are often preferred by aquarists due to their hardiness, appearance, and ability to coexist with a large range of aquarium inhabitants. In this article, we’ll be going into detail as to what truly makes this plant special, as well as how to plant and care for it. Java ferns, due to selective breeding, … Read more

Java Moss: The Easy Low Light Carpet Plant

java moss

You have probably seen a couple of planted aquariums, and you would agree that each is unique and distinct. But have you observed that among the many aquariums you have seen, there is a type of aquarium plant that has been used and kept in many different settings? This plant we are talking about can … Read more

13 Best Live Plants for Guppies Tanks

plants for guppies

Guppies are one of the most popular aquarium fish. While growing only from 2-6 cm long, they are attractively colorful and multiply fast, thus earning them alternate names like the rainbowfish and the millionfish. The guppies we see for sale in pet shops are in large quantities, kept bare without plants, and that is why … Read more