7 Easy Plants for Goldfish Aquariums

Plants for Goldfish

Can goldfish live in planted tanks? Yes, of course! However, it is more challenging to maintain a planted aquarium than a bare-bottom tank with lifeless plants. Goldfish can be quite active and destructive due to their constant search for food. This causes goldfish owners a difficult time creating stable, aesthetically pleasing aquascapes. Therefore, careful selection … Read more

Ryukin Goldfish: Facts and Care Guide

Ryukin Goldfish

The Ryukin goldfish is popular among goldfish collectors due to its unique, striking appearance and propensity to bag awards in grooming competitions. Ryukin joins the Oranda and Ranchu as one of the “big three.” At goldfish shows, this trio wins most of the major awards, although Lionheads and Telescopes also do well. If the Ryukin … Read more

Fantail Goldfish: Fancy But Easy-Peasy

Although the Fantail goldfish has fallen out of favor in goldfish beauty pageants, it remains a popular choice among novice hobbyists. Fantails make for a beautiful centerpiece in a community tank due to their bright coloration and flowing tail fins! Compared to their competitive cousins, these goldfish are less sensitive and demanding. You can get … Read more

Goldfish Poop: What Should It Look Like?

goldfish poop

If you’re a goldfish keeper or are interested in taking up this rewarding hobby, there’s one thing you’ll have to learn about – and that’s goldfish poop. Goldfish poop is important since it can tell you all about the eating habits and health of your goldfish, allowing you to keep them in good health. And … Read more

Goldfish with Red Spots: Causes and Treatments

goldfish red spot

Goldfish have been the subject of selective breeding. Some characteristics are isolated to produce desired traits. It is why goldfish have several color combinations, body shapes, scale types, and an assortment of fin designs. But how about red spots? Are they a product of selective breeding? Why do they disappear and reappear after some time? … Read more