Why Is My Fish Tank Cloudy? 5 Reasons & Solutions

Why Is My Fish Tank Cloudy

Few things make aquarium keepers more proud than a crystal clear aquarium filled with vibrant fish, lush plants, and a beautiful scape. However, there’s one problem that many aquarists face: cloudiness. Cloudiness in a tank can obscure the view and prevent you from admiring the beauty of your hard work. Luckily, in this article, we’ve … Read more

Planaria Worms in Aquarium: How to Kill Them

planaria in aquarium

If you’ve noticed long, flat worms with triangular heads scurrying around your aquarium water, chances are you’re dealing with planaria worms. These pests can be a real pain in your fish tank as not only do they look unsightly, but they’re notoriously hard to eradicate once an infestation sets in. But don’t worry, our guide … Read more

How to Keep Fish Tank Clean: 15 Easy Methods

How to Keep Fish Tank Clean

Educating fish owners, hobbyists, and traders about the importance of tank maintenance still remains the most effective way of increasing aquarium fish mortality. This is because more fish in aquariums are killed by poor tank maintenance than any other causes, not even infectious diseases. Simple habits like cleaning the filters, regular water changes, and cleaning … Read more

Fish Dying After Water Change: Why & How To Save

fish dying after water change

Improper water changes still remain among the most common causes of aquarium fish deaths. This is a prevalent problem among many beginner hobbyists, but even experienced aquarists lose one or two fish to small errors during the water-changing process. Many things can go wrong to make your fish die immediately after a water change. Preventative … Read more

How to Lower & Remove Ammonia in Fish Tank?

how to lower ammonia in fish tank

Perhaps you’ve noticed your fish beginning to display symptoms of ammonia poisoning, or you just happened to test your aquarium water and noticed the ammonia level was high, but you aren’t sure what to do about it. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the different ways you can either lower or eliminate … Read more

3 Types of Tiny White Worms in Aquarium

White Worms in Aquarium

Perhaps one day you noticed small white worms floating around or sitting in the substrate in your tank, but you’re unsure what to do because you don’t recognize them. In this article, we’ll be looking at the different types of white worms you may encounter, whether they’re good for your fish, and, if not, what … Read more

How to Clean Fish Tank Gravel?

How to Clean Fish Tank Gravel

Cleaning your fish tank gravel is an important part of aquarium maintenance. All the fish waste, uneaten food, and dirt that falls to the bottom of the substrate aren’t going to disappear by themselves! That’s why you need to remove it manually or with a gravel vacuum. And to help you know the right way … Read more