Can You Hold or Touch an Axolotl?

can you hold an axolotl

The axolotl, commonly called the Mexican salamander, is a fascinating animal that is becoming extremely popular among many animal lovers. These unique creatures belong to Mexico and are widely kept in captivity as pets due to their curious and docile nature. However, many people wonder if it’s safe to hold an axolotl. You can hold … Read more

How to Lower & Remove Ammonia in Fish Tank?

how to lower ammonia in fish tank

Perhaps you’ve noticed your fish beginning to display symptoms of ammonia poisoning, or you just happened to test your aquarium water and noticed the ammonia level was high, but you aren’t sure what to do about it. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the different ways you can either lower or eliminate … Read more

Camallanus Worms in Fish: Symptoms & Treatment

camallanus worms

Perhaps you’ve one day noticed small red threads emerging from your fish’s anal vent and you’re not sure what to make of the situation. In this article, we’ll be looking at the cause of these red threads, known as camallanus worms, how fish can become infected, and what actions you can take to resolve the … Read more

3 Types of Tiny White Worms in Aquarium

White Worms in Aquarium

Perhaps one day you noticed small white worms floating around or sitting in the substrate in your tank, but you’re unsure what to do because you don’t recognize them. In this article, we’ll be looking at the different types of white worms you may encounter, whether they’re good for your fish, and, if not, what … Read more

Is My Aquarium Snail Dead? 7 Ways To Check

How to Tell If an Aquarium Snail Is Dead

Did you wake up to check on your aquarium only to find that your snail is not moving? Are you panicking and wondering if the snail is dead? Do you worry you might have caused it, or are you concerned about what made the snail die naturally? Regardless, do not worry, this is a very … Read more

7 Reasons Why Do Fish Jump out Of Tank

why do fish jump out of tank

If you house several fish species in your freshwater tank, you may have witnessed them jumping out of their tank. In their natural environment, fish often dive to get away from danger and move to a different area. But, if your pet fish try to do the same in their tank, they will fall on … Read more

7 Humane Ways to Euthanize a Fish at Home

how to euthanize a fish

As a fish owner, it is unfortunate to know that euthanasia is essentially part of the job. Learning how to euthanize your fish humanely is a skill you will have to master if you are planning on becoming a long-term fish owner, be it as a hobbyist, pet owner, or researcher. How you euthanize your … Read more

How to Clean Fish Tank Gravel?

How to Clean Fish Tank Gravel

Cleaning your fish tank gravel is an important part of aquarium maintenance. All the fish waste, uneaten food, and dirt that falls to the bottom of the substrate aren’t going to disappear by themselves! That’s why you need to remove it manually or with a gravel vacuum. And to help you know the right way … Read more