Do Betta Fish Need Air Pumps? It Depends

do betta fish need air pump

Betta fish, or Siamese fighting fish, are beautiful and hardy creatures that make a great addition to any home aquarium. But while some aquarists believe that these freshwater fish don’t need air pumps in order to thrive, some say that they do need them. So, which one is correct? Do Betta fish need air pumps … Read more

Best Betta Fish Tank Size: Factors to Consider

betta fish tank size

Are you considering getting a Betta? Many first-time fish owners make the mistake of purchasing the wrong tank size for their fish. With the right tank size and care, Bettas can be a colorful and entertaining addition to your home. So, before you buy your first Betta fish tank, let’s learn about the factors that … Read more

Water for Betta Fish: 6 Parameters to Consider

water for betta fish

Bettas are one of the hardier fancy aquarium fish you can get, making them very suitable for beginners. This is because they are naturally a capable breed, having originated from water with less-than-ideal circumstances. But this doesn’t mean that Bettas can just live in any kind of water. While Bettas can tolerate a wide range … Read more

Can Betta Fish Live in Tap Water? How To Treat?

Can Betta Fish Live In Tap Water

Betta fish are some of the most colorful, vibrant, and interesting fish that can be kept in an aquarium. They are an incredibly popular fish because of their beauty and ease of care. However, beginners to the hobby may require guidance during their initial stages of caretaking. One of the questions that often gets asked … Read more

Do Betta Fish Need a Bubbler? (Oxygen Requirement)

do betta fish need a bubbler

Betta fish have been a staple in the aquarium hobby. Due to their popularity and availability, variations in tank setup have evolved. Some betta tanks are large, while others are small (like a fish bowl). Some are adorned with embellishments (like plastic decorations), while others use live aquatic plants. Some tanks are compartmentalized with no … Read more

Betta Fish Tank Setup: What to Put In?

betta fish tank setup

Rocking mesmerizing colors, long flowing fins, and unique personalities, Betta Fish (also known as Siamese fighting fish) are perhaps the most popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts. Bettas trace their origin back to the shallow waters of Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. They stand out because they can survive in different environments. Because of this, some individuals … Read more

The Best Water Temperature for Betta Fish

betta fish water temp

If you’re an enthusiastic fish keeper in a colder climate, it’s important to know the ideal water temperature for keeping Betta fish healthy. Bettas, also known as fighting fish, originate from Southeast Asia, where temperatures usually trend warmer than they do in places like North America or Europe. This is why it’s essential to create … Read more

What Kind of Water Do Goldfish Need?

what kind of water do goldfish need

If you are considering getting a Goldfish, you are probably already aware that fish have surprisingly complex needs. Not understanding a fish’s requirements can have serious consequences, and may result in your fish getting sick or even dying. With that in mind, we’re going to cover some of the basics you’ll need to know about … Read more

African Cichlid Tank Size & Setup Guide

african cichlid tank

African cichlids are one of the most popular fishes in the hobby, with various species being available in almost all pet shops around the country. If you want to start a new fish tank, these vibrant and active cichlids are a good option. But before you start raising African cichlids, you must know their tank … Read more

Best Angelfish Tank Size: Ideal Tank Size Chart

Angelfish Tank Size

Angelfish are a type of freshwater cichlid that is native to South America. These beautiful fish are iconic for their vibrant colors and interesting patterns, which makes it unsurprising that many people want to keep them as pets. But before you go out and buy one, it’s important to make sure that you have a … Read more