10 Common Betta Fish Behaviors Before Death

betta fish behavior before death

Betta fish are a species of freshwater fish that live in rice paddies, slow-moving streams, and stagnant pools. They are known for their beautiful colors and their fighting ability. While Bettas are some of the most popular pet fish because of their beauty, they are not easy to care for. That’s because they often change … Read more

Do Betta Fish Eat Other Fish? Why Or Why Not?

Do Betta Fish Eat Other Fish

Not many fish remember their owner. Unlike most other pets that live in the water, Betta fish can interact and recognize their owners. Another trait that makes them popular with aquarists is their wonderfully colored body. They have pretty small mouths and long, beautiful fins. Thus, they can add to the attractiveness of your aquarium. … Read more

13 Ideal Tank Mates for Your Tiger Barb

Tiger Barb Tank Mates

Due to their distinctive body stripes, many species have originated from a tiger’s name. One of them is the tiger barb (Puntius tetrazona). The four black vertical bands of this freshwater fish are surprisingly associated with the body stripes of a Sumatran tiger, thus earning it another name: the Sumatra barb. Aside from stripes, the … Read more

23 Ideal Tank Mates for Your Goldfish

what fish can live with goldfish

There seem to be a variety of species that could thrive with goldfish; therefore, you’ll have lots of options if you’re seeking for exotic species to introduce to your aquarium. But, it’s not possible for every small freshwater species to be the ideal match for your goldy. Every kind of goldfish has specific requirements. For … Read more

15 Types of Oscar Fish and Their Color Schemes

oscars fish

Oscar fish commonly referred to as velvet cichlids, is a very well-liked tropical species among sea life hobbyists. They are gorgeous, and watching them swim is quite entertaining. But, before you take one home, you must understand its basic care and tank requirements. These species are also known as territorial fish, so try to keep … Read more

Cory Catfish Eggs Guide: How to Care For?

Cory Catfish Eggs Guide

Cory catfish, or Corydoras as you might know them, are simple fish that are easy to care for and breed. However, even with simple fish, it’s important to know and understand the species so that you can be prepared for the process, and know how to properly care for them as well. Take a look … Read more

Can a Clownfish Live in Freshwater? (4 Alternatives)


Have you ever wondered whether a Clownfish can survive in a freshwater aquarium? These iconic fish are known for their presence in the ocean, but could you keep one in a freshwater tank? A lot of people love Clownfish and would like to add them to their aquariums. They are bright and attractive. With that … Read more

17 Best Cichlid Tank Mates: An Ultimate Guide

Best Cichlid Tank Mates

If you’re like most cichlid enthusiasts, you probably want to keep a few different species of cichlids in your aquarium. Unfortunately, not all cichlids can be kept in a community tank. In fact, many cichlids are quite aggressive and will fight with other fish, including other cichlids, which makes it hard to find good cichlid … Read more