About Us

The Aquarium Life is a fishkeeping blog focused on helping aquarium owners and enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

We are passionate enthusiasts of pet fish and have been deeply captivated by various freshwater fish species.

Although we’ve encountered some setbacks in our fishkeeping journey, our love for these aquatic creatures has never waned.

Some of The Aquarium Life tank:

We have been keeping fish for years and have built a small fishkeeping studio, and to this day, we are still constantly learning and accumulating knowledge.

We believe that fishkeeping can be both simple and complex. It’s a hobby filled with joy and satisfaction, but it also demands patience and careful attention.

A lot of things come into play, experiences can vary based on tank size, fish species, substrate, filter setups, and feeding choices.

Here at The Aquarium Life, we share insights on selecting freshwater fish for your tank, arranging aquarium setups, ensuring proper fish care such as water parameters and fish diet, and preventing and treating common fish diseases.

Our daily aquarium life: selecting equipment, choosing substrates, setting filters, checking fish health, and more.

Ultimately, We hope to help you in avoiding common pitfalls and give you practical advice on creating a healthy and happy aquatic environment. If our blog can offer you a bit of inspiration or enjoyment, it would be my greatest honor.

There are multiple ways to take care of your fish. So if you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.